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We believe that the development of new businesses is a key element in growth, which is why we advise various ventures to get their operations up and running, from their constitution to the strengthening of their operations, including:


  • Start up. Constitution and opening of Corporate Books, drafting of shareholders' agreements, creation of share titles.

  • Contracts. Design of contractual formats for the operation in accordance with the business model, as well as design of policies for contracting with third parties.

  • Brands. Background search and feasibility evaluation, application and registration of Trademarks, Commercial Notices and Copyrights.

  • Tax Law. Registration in the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) and determination of applicable obligations.

  • Money Laundering. Determination of incidents and review of Vulnerable Operations in accordance with legal parameters.

  • Personal data protection. Creation of Privacy Notices and Data Protection Manual, as well as a regulatory compliance program.

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